Forex signals to your MT4

Forex signals for MT4 user: We have EA copier that enable you to copy all the trades from our master account to your account.

* You can set max lot size

* You can set max open order by EA

* No need VPS

All our accounts are monitor by real traders 24X5

Forex signals to your MT4 it's the best way to receive the signals. All the signals are open and close by the forex signals system.

MT4 is the most common trade platform in the trading world. We develop special EA which copy the trades from our master account to the customers trading account.

Forex signals to your MT4 allow us to set the trade size per trade from 0.01 lot. Our forex signals system allow the customers to set the currencies which they like to trade with.

We have a server to our customers which pay for forex signals to your MT4. We will do all the work for you. You do not need any VPS to use our forex signals system.

Our forex signals can use any of three modes for determining what lot sizes to trade:

• Fixed lot size. The forex signals system always uses a fixed size (the UseFixedLotSize parameter)

regardless of the sender’s lot size.

• Risk-based. The system adjusts the lot size based on the relative equity of the two accounts.

For example, if the sender’s equity is $1000 and the receiver’s equity is $2000, and

UseRiskFactor is set to 1.5, then the receiver will trade three times the lot size of the sender –

i.e. 2000 / 1000 x 1.5 = 3.

• Multiple. The system trades a multiple of the sender’s lot size.
Example, if LotSizeMultiplier is set to 2, then the receiver will trade double the sender’s lot size.